Nov. 19th, 2012

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So, about a month ago, fics finally went up on [ profile] kpop_ficmix and I'm only just getting around to posting them here now. Oops.

One of my fics got remixed most wonderfully! [ profile] isaofdoom remixed Don't Worry, It's All in Your Head with a sequel in But We Have Only Just Begun.

Before I get to my own remixes, also gonna mention that I finally got around to getting an AO3 account, thanks to [personal profile] nina_vendredi who is awesome and amazing. I'm corellianrogue over there, if anyone should ever feel a need to track it down.

Still working on the rest of my [ profile] hc_bingo fills, slowly but surely. Hopefully I'll get them done in time, but for now, only these two.

Title: Love is Blind (The Obsession Remix)
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4300
Summary: Not all stories have a happy ending. The princess doesn't always ride off into the sunset with her white knight. Sometimes, there is only a bad situation, and a bad person, and a very unfortunate love story.
Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING! character death, obsessive/stalkerish thoughts and actions, emotional/sexual manipulation, and a very unhealthy personal relationship

A/N: written for [ profile] kpop_ficmix. This is a remix of [ profile] jesusluvsjaeho's fic Quietly Kill For You although holy shit did it go completely the opposite direction. Oops?

Love is Blind )
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Title: Reflections of Us (You and Me)
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3312
Summary: Yoochun loses his sight and Junsu learns to really see.

A/N: written for [ profile] kpop_ficmix. This is a remix of [ profile] quid's Backwater. While this remix does stand on its own, I really encourage you to read the two as companion pieces, because that's how I intended this one to go.

Reflections of Us )


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