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Yes, yes, "But this is a writing journal! Why are there icons here?!" I hear you murmur. Well, frankly, because I felt like it. So maybe this will now be an.. I don't know, 'arts and crafts journal' or something. Anyway, icons. Most of these were made for various rp journals, a few were made just cause I'm that weird.
5 SG-1 (Daniel)
6 RENT (Mark)
7 Andromeda (6 Harper, 1 Trance)
13 Diabolo (10 Ren, 3 Ren and Rai)
18 Saiyuki (13 Hakkai, 5 other)
10 random

The drill is simple- you like, you comment, you take, you credit. Credit [livejournal.com profile] corellianrogue if you use any of these. No hotlinking, etc, etc. Blank icons aren't bases, but if you want the bases any of these icons are built from, I probably still have them and would be happy to upload them on request.

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Mar. 22nd, 2006 12:28 am
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Today a set of three works in progress and a couple drabbles. Haven't been writing much lately, so enjoy the update when you get it.

First- Four drabbles in response to a challenge over on my regular journal, here mainly for archiving purposes.
Star Wars, Pride, Envy, and Ambiguity

Second- the WIPs, one original, two FMA
Crits are most welcome and indeed wanted and needed on all three.

Title: Children of the Future
Original Fiction
Rating: Eventually R, PG for now
Word Count: 1,946
Summary: In the future, people are valued not by what they do, but how they are made.
Notes: Obviously, a work in progress. All exposition up to this point, sad to say. There will be action.. eventually... just some things needed to get set out, which may or may not make it into the final version. Right now, I mostly need some sounding board comments.
CotF )

Title: The Fuhrer's Blades
Series: FMA x King's Blades crossover (not entirely necessary to be familiar with Blades)
Rating: Again, will probably be R, PG for now
Word count: 1,361
Summary: Lord Mustang, formerly Sir Flame, has just been assigned a Blade, a human weapon second to none. Will this turn out to be a blessing or a curse?
Notes: Places are from King's Blades, people mostly from FMA. Other things mix both worlds. This one... again, all concrit makes me happy, but I'm mostly worried about what may seem confusing to someone who doesn't know Blades.
FB )

Title: Origins (working title only)
Series: FMA pre-series (very pre- 400 yrs pre)
Rating: R for violence
Word count: 1,240
Warnings: violence, ouchies for pre-Envy
Summary: Envy was not always a Sin.
Notes: Again, I need a sounding board and crit. That's all I'm asking for on this one, nothing really specific. Also- I'm kinda trying to keep this one from turning into the dark, morbid fiasco that Total Slaughter turned in to.
Origins )
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Who's there?
More original fiction!
Hahahaa- no, it's not a joke. Just getting all my original stuff tucked safely away, shall soon get to posting fandom stuff. Never fear. But for now...

Title: The New Animal
Original fiction
Rating: G
Word count: 1,802
Summary: a take on the Just-So Stories
The New Animal )

Title: The Greatest Power
Original fiction
Rating: G
Word count: 1,875
Summary: a fairy tale
The Greatest Power )
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Okay, gonna get this one posted and that's it for tonight. I'm tired of spamming. The rest will have to go up later.

Title: The Barn
Original fiction
Rating: G
Word count: 5,441
Summary: The barn had been everything to him, inseperable from the very core of his memories.

The Barn )
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I swear, by the time I get done uploading all the stuff I've already had written... I'm never going to want to post another thing. Ah well... I'm sure the Envy Origin story I'm working on now will change that. Anyway, on to the fic. This shall be an ORIGINAL story post, the first of a couple. Because I can. So there.

Title: House Guest
Original Fiction
Rating: G
Word count: 3,597
Summary: Marie's eventful day... (humor)

House Guest )


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