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Okay, housekeeping time and some other stuff. I'm on ffn as JLMack and on fictionpress under the same name.

Also- some links to stuff I don't feel like reposting here. These cuts be as fake as the 2000 elections.

Moreover- whee poems
some random poetry of mine, three based on the stylings of e.e. cummings

Secondarily- a little HP drabbley thing
a drabble written to explain my answer to a poll question of what happens to Harry following the end of the last book

Sixth and Lastly- My set of 'abridged' versions of popular (and not so popular) stories The Iliad, Romeo and Juliet, Middle Earth, and History of the World
not even sure I can explain these.... you'll just have to discover them for yourselves

Thirdly- the 12 Days of Fangirly Christmas
heh.. this all started one night when [livejournal.com profile] krillia made the fateful comment 'a green pea in a palm tree' which evolved into... this

And to conclude- the random Andromeda ficlet featuring Harper
this story was brought about by an oh-so-cute icon which had me squeeing for hours

Yes, I did steal those from Much Ado About Nothing and if you didn't know that, well... then.... you do now. Whee, stuff be posted, huzzah.
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Okay, welcome all and sundry to my new, spiffy writing journal. By all and sundry, I mean the three of you who might find this place. ;D More info (and actual fics! *GASPSHOCK!*) to come soon... as soon as I stop being lazy and post them.

To tide you over till I get some more interesting things, here are some dirty limericks.

"The Girl from Nantucket"
There once was a girl from Nantucket
Who tripped and got stuck in a bucket.
She tried to get loose,
But couldn't free her caboose,
So she gave up and said "Ah, fuck it."

"The Poor Lady from Britain"
There was a poor lady from Britain
Who hadn't a chair to sit on.
So she grabbed up her purse,
Said it couldn't get worse,
And found a young man to hit on.

"The Young Teacher from Hebron"
There was a young teacher from Hebron
Who found all his students plebeian.
He couldn't stand teaching,
Could feel his mind bleaching,
A day felt to him like an eon.

More... interesting things coming soon... I promise.


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